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Karen helps high velocity professionals design a way of life, inside and out, that allows stress-free productivity, profitability and plenty of play, personally and professionally, so that you plan and achieve your goals with ease and grace.

Karen's passion is partnering with corporate executives, business leaders/owners, and anyone who desires to integrate their spiritual-growth seeking nature in to their work and corporate environment. Learn to create a stress-free, empowered culture where profitability, productivity and purpose are the order of each day. No more exhaustive managing by force, control, manipulation, coercion and barely getting by. Learn to thrive and become an awesome leader in all aspects of your life with high energy and good~good~good vibrations.

As a CPA and former financial executive, Karen discovered the hard way that the biggest self-saboteur for us all -- Stress and anxiety caused by misaligned expectations, inner criticism, and toxic environments. Karen gets it -- the deep desire to succeed. This drive led her to imbalance to the point she became uninspired, overworked and overwhelmed. When her health started to suffer, she finally said, “ENOUGH!” and pursued her passions.

Today, Karen is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) and helps her clients go from stressed to blessed and from blessed to being a blessing in the world. Armed with her powerful 7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion, she combines a one-of-a-kind left-brained logic with right-brain creativity, deeply rooted in spiritual grace. Karen will guide you to transform the crazy-busy, gotta-do-it-all madness into productivity, profitability, and plenty of play--serve from your overflow instead of overwhelm, and thrive like never before. 



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Testimonials for Karen

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!! After the energy scanning Karen did for me I instantly felt clarity on areas in my life that I have been having a block on for months. I instantly felt a strike of positive energy throughout my body during the healing prayer, and have the confidence to tackle the goals I have in my life more than ever before. Thank you so much Karen!! I have referred my friends!!

- Maria Townsend, Greensboro, NC

Thank you so much for spending the time yesterday to provide me the Intuitive Energy Scan. There is now no doubt in my mind that you are a natural at the process. Please know that I now have full faith in your ability to provide these scans. I was truly surprised at the information you provided and how it directly related to the ongoing events in my life. You really hit the nail on the head. It was amazing how you could sense the stuff that has been going on in my life and business. It was so nice to hear things I'd been pondering from a different party. It really did affirm my belief of how important it is to step back sometimes to reflect, enjoy and plan instead of just continuing to do all the time. I have taken your thoughts and directives to hear and will certain contact you in the future for follow up sessions. 

- Spencer L. Hill, Esq, Winston-Salem, NC

Karen Perry is an amazing life coach! I can't praise her enough. She is an absolute joy to be around and always brings a new perspective to any conversation. Karen did an energy scan for me and I was shocked at the things she discovered that I had already been working on. This evolved into a discussion of things I needed to let go and Karen prayed a wonderful channeling prayer over me to release some things that were blocking my growth and happiness. 

This was nothing short of amazing as I immediately felt I had let these things go and released them so I could move forward. If you are wavering about using a life coach, give Karen a try as you won't be disappointed. She delivers every, single time in a way that is so caring and compassionate.

                                                                                                                                  - Audrey Blackburn, Advance, NC

I have to say, I am a worry wart and have been stressed out all of my adult life. I was reluctant to in thinking that this course would make a difference but I have actually learned how to de-stress most of the time. Most circumstances that cause stress are created by others. Once you learn to breathe and take a step back, you realize that you can only control yourself not others. With this course I have started enjoying life more, being more spontaneous and being happy with myself.

          Thanks Karen. You were meant to be a Life Coach.

                                                  ~Vicki, Loganville, GA

Karen's Love Life Now course helped me slow down, breathe, and focus on what you CAN do rather than the CAN’T obstacles.

                                                                           ~Heather, Savannah, GA

Wow, Karen! Thank you for putting yourself out there, for having the courage to allow us to see your vulnerability. Your doing so truly made me understand your principles and how they are applying in my life right now, leaving me filled with hope and expectation, as well as strength and peace spirituality, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

                                                                                                                              ~Donna Maltese

I was a little apprehensive about taking the course. I am a private person, and I prefer to work through life’s challenges on my own. Karen’s course offered tried and true solutions to dealing with daily stressors, and the group discussion made me feel confident in knowing that many share my same struggles. The information and support helped me to embrace and Love Life Now!

~Janna, Nixa, MO

One of my learning principles is, when the student is ready the teacher appears. My coach Karen and I are a living and breathing example of this principle. I have been coached by others, gone through therapy sessions, but until I begin a coaching journey with Karen nothing was as impactful. My time with Karen has been life altering. Our work together has helped me to connect to what is really important to me which positively shifted my self-confidence. Karen use of conversational intelligence helped me to realize that aspects of my life were still based on past bad/hurtful experiences that were no long prevalent in the present. She skillful coached me into writing and living new stories that are grounded in the infinite possibilities of life. The time spent with Karen has been invigoratingly awakening experience. Karen has been a blessing to me. I have no doubt that if a person is ready to be the student, open to trusting the process, and committed to doing the work she will be a blessing to whomever receives coaching.

                                                                                                                      ~Dr. Z Harris

When I first started working with Karen, I was in transition. I was getting ready to sell my house, move to another state, and change careers. I was feeling unsure of myself, lacking direction and focus. I started working with Karen to increase my self-motivation, clarity, and confidence and get into action. I knew fear was holding me back and as I worked with Karen on my inner game, I quickly saw results. With Karen’s help, I created a vision statement for my life, which helped boost my confidence in taking the next steps forward in my personal life and my career. I found a new job that I loved, got my house ready to be put on the market, and overcame the fears I had of making all of those transitions. Karen has a unique ability to lovingly challenge you to break old patterns and coping habits that no longer serve you. I felt deeply understood and cared for by her while she encouraged me to push through my fears to transform myself from the inside out. After working with Karen, I have become more of who I really am--I am more fully embodying my true self and living life from a place of abundance, love and joy.

                                                                                                                                                     ~Valerie, Mount Laurel, NJ

I'd like to reach out & say thanks for the 7 Principles. I started to look forward to the new Principle each week and the insight they provided. I used your 7 Principles to build my vision book (decided to do a book instead of board) one which I have procrastinated on completing for two years now. I also used a couple of the quotes & Principles to build my daily mantras (that are now pasted in my bathroom, to recite daily each morning). All 7 principles resonate deeply in my Spirit as I yearn for change.

Again, thank you for using your Gift & growth to be a blessing.

~ Brandi, Winston-Salem, NC


If you have the opportunity to hire Karen Perry as your coach, DO IT! Karen is the most caring and compassionate person, and she is someone with whom you will strongly connect. Karen gave me the confidence to embrace my greatness, by reaffirming and championing my own special gifts. This is what great coaches do: she saw in me what I could not appreciate myself, and then she unwaveringly supported and guided me so that I could put my greatness into action.

~ Mike, Alpharetta, GA


Before working with Karen, I wasn’t enjoying anything in my life! My daughter had left home for her freshman year of college and I was experiencing the whole empty nest syndrome. My time working with Karen flew by! I laughed and cried and learned so much from her. She encouraged me to always think of what positive changes I could make in my life. I look at situations differently and try to think positively about things. Thank you Karen! You were a God send when I needed it the most! I recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for encouragement, guidance or help making an important life decision!

~ Waynette, Clemmons, NC


As one who is skeptical of personal development programs, but as one who had faith in Karen, I took the assessment at her urging.  The assessment process was not all clear to me at first, though it became clear with Karen’s assistance. In fact, by the end of our call, I was able to identify two specific areas of improvement that I think will yield positive results for my business. It’s worth the money.

~ Chris, St. Louis, MO