7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion 

Principle 5: Don’t do it alone.

It seems to me shallow and arrogant for any man in these times to claim he is completely self-made, that he owes all his success to his own unaided efforts. Many hands and hearts and minds generally contribute to anyone’s notable achievements. -Walt Disney

I was a first-time manager and came up with a great new procedure that would save everyone time and effort and thus increase efficiencies and save money. So, I quickly sent out a change of procedure memorandum. The memo hadn’t been out 5 minutes before a team member came walking in my office, saying what a great idea BUT...

Turns out, I was so eager to make a difference and positive impact that I totally missed an aspect of the business for which my grand idea would not work. Needless to say, a corrective memo was distributed with haste. After this experience, I learned to seek input and would ask 2-3 people from different work areas to read my memos and give feedback as to content and clarity. What a fantastic and early lesson learned and one for which I am extremely grateful. What was the lesson? Don't do it alone.

Some people might think asking for help is a weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, utilizing others shows great courage, wisdom and strength. So, be willing to ask for help. Help can come in many forms such as inviting others to participate, asking for clarification or guidance, delegating, seeking to learn or discover what you do not know, or simply finding a supportive, listening ear to help you process.

When help is sought and offered, graciously accept. Lower defenses and be vulnerable. Our greatest strides forward often come in our vulnerability.

Have you ever said something like, “If I want it done right, then I have to do it myself”? I sure have uttered those words before when frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. I’ve also experienced times when I felt like there was no one to help and I was alone in my plight. Well, those thoughts are not reality but just an illusion. We are never alone. Alone is pronounced a-lone, but simply shift the division of syllables and it easily could read all-one. You see, we are all connected; so helping you helps me and by me accepting help from another, I really am helping myself.

In inviting others to help, we gain opportunities to learn other ways, acquire new and different perspectives, and maybe pick up on new technology, shortcuts and a wealth of possibilities beyond our limited scope.

Here’s some other ways to not do it alone:

  • Collaborate – Work with someone else or a group to reach your goal(s).
  • Hire a coach –This priceless resource can help you create your vision; achieve your goals; hold you accountable; support you through the ups, downs and thresholds; provide new tools; help with perspective and energy shifts; and keep you moving forward.
  • Seek feedback – Invite and welcome feedback from a trusted source such as coworkers, friends, a coach or family. You may want to give them some parameters to keep things relevant, such as: check grammar, content only.
  • Create a clearing committee, board of directors, advisory team, accountability partner(s) or thinking partner(s), master-mind group – Regardless of the name, the point and purpose of such a team is the same.
    • Search out people different than yourself.  Augment your talents and surround yourself with folks that bring other strengths and possess qualities and characteristics unlike yours. Diversity can lead to better decision making.
    • Don't look for “yes” people. Foster an environment where each team member is comfortable speaking his or her mind and not fearful of retribution should disagreement occur. Desire the difference in perspective and want people who challenge you.
    • Ask yourself questions like: What qualities, talents or strengths am I seeking? How often will we communicate? Will we meet in person, via telephone or another method? Then consider people you already know, be open to who may come into your life or be willing to actively search.
    • Assemble your team with people who are willing to tell you like it is!
  • Brainstorm or free flow of thoughts - This can be done with the team you’ve built or with anyone depending on your needs. If you frequently use the same folks, you might want to consider periodically changing up the location or meeting times to keep things interesting and fresh.

Utilize support and collaboration to help you see and think in ways not obvious or apparent to you. Do your due diligence and then trust your intuition! When you “feel it” then “go for it” with confidence.

Abound in grace,


P.S. – If you ever have questions, feel comfortable reaching out to me (Click here)