7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion - Introduction

Welcome to the 7 Principles to Peace, Joy and Absolute Passion, and congratulations on taking a leap of faith – in yourself!

I want to personally thank you for the opportunity and privilege to come alongside as you journey through these 7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion. My deepest desire is to help you experience transformation from stressed to blessed and then to being a blessing to those around you and ultimately to the world.

Each of these 7 Principles is powerful on its own. As you work through and implement the combined strategies, my prayer is that they help you not only attain but also maintain a sustainable, thriving and peace-filled life.

Principle 1.   Be WHO you want to be, not who you've been.

Principle 2.   Be growth-oriented, not close-minded.

Principle 3.   Be solution-focused.

Principle 4.   Thrive where you are.

Principle 5.   Don’t do it alone.

Principle 6.   Don’t hold on so tight.

Principle 7.   Don’t worry, have faith.

These 7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion are not necessarily a linear progression but are meant to be interwoven, much like the fabric of our lives, and provide a foundation and path from which to create the life you want, the life that only you are uniquely qualified and meant to live.

You will recognize circumstances and situations from all areas of your life in which to apply one or more principles again and again as you continually grow - call this awakening - moving towards consciousness and away from the mundane, mindless and monotonous routine. These 7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion are basic truths that will help you influence your thoughts, actions and deeds and thus empower you with choice.

Although these are not 7 steps to peace and beyond, they are ordered with purpose to help bring congruence between your deepest values and vision and your personal/professional life so that you thrive where you are, grow where you dare and are filled with peace throughout your journey! And, be kind to yourself as you continue to apply these Principles in your life; you absolutely have permission to modify, change, delete or add to achieve your highest vision and get your desired results that come from applying these principles as you evolve…I hope you will.

Over the next month, you will receive an email every three days, delving deeper into each of the 7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion. The last email will invite you to further discovery and reveal how you can work with me personally to keep your momentum going and growing. The content of each email is power-packed to provide amazing results. So watch your inbox as Principle 1 will be arriving soon.

In the meantime, I invite you to reread the 7 Principles to Peace, Joy, and Absolute Passion listed above and ponder what each one means to you.

Abound in grace,


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