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Grow where you dare Newsletter

— International Energy Leadership, Life, Spiritual Coach and Speaker

Contributing speaker:

  • Carolina Counsel of Affordable Housing
  • Davie County Chamber
  • Business Women's Round Table
  • PTAA

Featured speaker at multiple summits:

  • Choose Freedom and Joy
  • Monetize Your Passion
  • August Abundance - Inner Critic
  • Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Karen helps high velocity professionals design a way of life, inside and out, that allows stress-free productivity, profitability and plenty of play, personally and professionally, so that you plan and achieve your goals with ease and grace.

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Karen's passion is partnering with corporate executives, business leaders/owners, and anyone who desires to integrate their spiritual-growth seeking nature in to their work and corporate environment. Learn to create a stress-free, empowered culture where profitability, productivity and purpose are the order of each day.

No more exhaustive managing by force, control, manipulation, coercion and barely getting by. Learn to thrive and become an awesome leader in all aspects of your life with high energy and good~good~good vibrations.